New website

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website and blog! 👋 I thought I’d try Hugo to create a very simple JAMstack site for my personal site and blog. I’m going to bring over a few things I’ve written from Medium, so this might not actually appear as the first post despite the URL! To find out more about me, check “About me”.

To pair or not to pair?

Note to the reader: This was written in April 2018. I have pair programmed on a daily basis for over two and a half years now, a year and a half of that being in the IBM Cloud Garage. In this blog I would like to discuss some of the successes and failures of pair programming as part of an approach to software development, and the insights the approach has left me with.

Is Social Media Really For Humans?

Note to the reader: This was written in December 2017. I love to share. I’m often caught frantically and slightly apologetically scrolling through my phone when with a friend, to try and show them a prized memory or relevant content. I love to talk. I talk on my phone more than any housemate I’ve lived with over the past 8 years (and there have been a few). And I love technology.