About me

I have been a professional software engineer since 2014, but have been tinkering with computers since way before that. My interest in technology revolves around my desire to find ways to improve people’s lives.

Recently I have been working at neumind as the lead engineer, where we are trying to improve outcomes of remote therapy. Our first focus is on acquired brain injury. We want to build tools to help our customers live the most full life they possibly can, and help improve bandwidth in healthcare systems worldwide.

I’ve worked full time at neumind since April 2020.

Before neumind I have held the following positions:

  • May 2018 – March 2020: Senior developer at Consensys, working on komgo.
    • Worked with Ethereum technologies.
    • Co-ordinated and architecting development efforts with a large team.
    • Found ways to write and reuse well-tested code in a fast paced environment.
    • Further experience in React and node.js.
  • January 2017 – April 2018: Senior/Lead Developer at the IBM Cloud Garage, on several innovative client-facing projects.
    • Pair programming daily, as a means of knowledge sharing, decision making, training, and onboarding client developers.
    • Became familiar the Extreme Programming (XP) method.
    • Worked on projects which used some recent innovation such as natural language processing, image recognition, or blockchain.
    • Using test driven development (TDD) for development of all production code.
    • Learnt React.
    • Made key technical judgements during Design Thinking workshops.
    • Became a technical lead.
  • August 2015 – December 2016: Developer in an SRE squad within IBM Cloud, specialism “Network Intelligence”.
    • Learnt a lot about computer networking at the cloud scale.
    • Learnt and used golang daily, possibly my favourite language.
    • Was on call for IBM Cloud networking.
    • Introduced to TDD.
    • Introduced to Pair Programming.
    • Introduced to ChatOps, though we didn’t call it that then.
    • Introduced to docker.
    • Introduced to various cloud monitoring tools and patterns.
    • Worked with and learnt from several excellent developers.
  • January 2014 – July 2015: Graduate Developer, IBM MQ
    • Developer for the IBM MQ Appliance.
    • Co-wrote an IBM Redbook on my work.
    • Wrote a lot of code in C with a lot of help from excellent developers around me.